Open Source Music

An explanation.

The Open Source Music Approach

The idea of Open Source Music is to just open up the whole process of making and releasing music, having a website, and playing shows, so that it is something that everyone can participate in. I believe that being connected to people on the internet is beautiful and a fine replacement for the price-gouging, payola-driven, consumerist way that music was released in the past.

By just loosening the grip a little on certain “intellectual rights,” and by actively creating avenues for participation, I hope to be a fun artist to follow around.

In practice

Okay, so what does that mean, and how is it actually different?

It means you can use the multitrack information that I take care to include with every release, to remix or samples my songs all you want, release the results, and even charge people for your work, without ever paying me royalties or getting some specific license to do so. All I ask is for an attribution/credit/nod whenever you put your stuff out there.

If you wanna get all legalese about it, read about the Creative Commons Attribution License that this idea is based on.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with your music?

Just one:

I reserve sync licensing rights. Synchronization licenses are granted to people who make visual works such as movies, TV shows, and games, and synchronize your music with the events onscreen. They are granted by artist permission only, and I want to keep it that way. Get in touch with me if you want to use my music in your visual work.

Okay I’m ready!

Then go grab any of the Open Source Music releases from the Store! All the remixables/sampleables are available via Bandcamp in 24-bit/96k lossless format, which is what the material was natively recorded in, so it should hold up well to whatever crazy manipulation you want to do to it.

As soon as you pick up any of the Open Source Music releases, these raw materials are included, and you’re off to the races.

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